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Musical Performance

Ed and ReneRene and Ed are experienced, professional entertainers who perform for a variety of audiences and occasions, including special events, banquets, condo functions, etc. Whether it’s an hour-long musical show or several hours of listening or dance music, they are up to the task.


Rene and Ed will bring you entertainment that is enjoyable, fun-filled, musically memorable and appropriate to the audience and the occasion. Schooled in many styles, their programs run the gamut from standards to Broadway, Hollywood hits to ethnic favorites, pop to original songs. They establish a rapport with the audience that makes each performance something special, something intimate, something just for you.

Their shows are thoughtful and include a range of musical styles to suit today’s audiences. Mature audiences appreciate their knowledge of music and their highly polished skill level.

Rene’s exceptional vocals and Ed’s superb artistry on the keyboard or piano make this duo an act of extraordinary talent that you won’t want to miss.

Rene's Solo Show

Rene also brings the same level of excitement to audiences with her solo show. Her presence fills the stage and the room. Her fine vocal ability and her winning manner make her an excellent choice to fill your entertainment needs.

Ed as a Solo Pianist

Ed has played and conducted for musical greats. Whether your need is for a cocktail pianist or someone to bring those special musical selections to life at your anniversary or wedding party, Ed can do the job. His virtuosity is obvious even to an untrained ear. He is a delight to work with and a true professional.

Good Sounds Band

Whether your music needs are for a duo, trio, quartet — or up to a six-piece band, Rene and Ed and the “Good Sounds Band” are an excellent choice. The musicians they work with are all top-notch professionals. They work to make your affair enjoyable and memorable, and without music that is too loud for guests to socialize with each other. Their repertoire is extensive and varied. Whether it’s for listening or dancing, or an evening of smooth jazz background, they are a perfect choice. It’s music the way it was meant to be heard! Ed and Rene performing

For Information: or 215.271.5872.

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