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Musical Instruction & Services

Rene Goodwin's Vocal Art Studio

Rene Goodwin is a voice teacher, coach, career developer and producer. At her vocal arts studio, Rene teaches students ranging in age from 14 to 70 with experience levels that run the gamut. Some have never sung before while others are semi-professional or professional. They share one thing in common, the desire to sing well. Rene focuses on technique, voice development, song selection and presentation, anatomy of a song, an understanding of the most basic elements of music theory, and stage presentation. As a performer herself, she understands the needs of and demands placed on an actor/singer.

Rene works with a number of actors who have little or no singing experience. She helps them to develop their singing ability so they can expand their opportunities to perform. Ms. Goodwin also works with actors who wish to improve their ability to vocally project.

With the more advanced singers/performers, the focus is on maximinzing their skill by addressing whatever technical weaknesses that may exist. There is also concentration on selecting and developing the right musical selections for audition or performance.

Rene provides students with as many performance opportunites as possible at both public and private venues.
Practice tapes are frequently provided and are to be used for learning purposes only.
Please note: Practice tapes are not to be used in audition or performance without the express permission of GH Entertainment and Ed Hagopian.

In addition to vocal instruction and coaching, other music related services are available include transposition of material for audition/performance into the correct key; preparation of lead sheets or full accompaniment; recorded accompaniment; recording of voice and accompaniment for demo purposes.

For more infomation about musical instruction and servces, please call 215.271.5872 or email

Studio is centrally located in Pennsport, just South of Center City very near to I-95 and the Vine Street Extension. On street parking is available. Studio is also accessible by public transportation.

For Information: or 215.271.5872.

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