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Historical Interpretation

Eleanor Roosevelt Part I: The Early Years

Rene as Eleanor Roosevelt"Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life." This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt imbues her zest for life even though her own life was touched by much pain and personal disappointment. She embraced the cause of equality for people of all nations and became known as "The First Lady of the World". Although she lived in the shadow of a famous husband, she managed to carve out a career and reputation for herself. Her greatest challenges, however, were not those she faced as a renowned public figure and wife of a President, but rather, those that confronted her as a daughter, wife, and mother.

Rene Goodwin’s passionate interest in Eleanor Roosevelt inspired her to study and explore the life of Eleanor. In Part I of the this two-part work, Rene covers the first fifty-five years of her life – an exciting time that includes the Roosevelt’s political climb and focuses on her life as a woman searching for her place in the world.

Eleanor Roosevelt Part II: The War Years

Rene as Eleanor RooseveltWhen the Roosevelts began their second term in the White House, they faced the challenges of a fallen economy, the growing unrest of racial equality, and a world going mad with dictators, Fascism and Communism. How were they to know that it would get worse before it got better?

In the midst of it all was a woman, a wife and mother, with a family, a husband growing apart from her, and a burning desire to make a difference — yet limited by the constraints of being First Lady of the Land. In Part II, Rene brings to life the conflicts faced by a woman and a nation.





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